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Our extensive experience in direct Private Equity and fund of funds helps us to identify the best opportunities, while properly assessing the risks involved in alternative investments, and thus offering our clients only the best products.

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Embarcadero was incorporated in 2013 with the aim of giving access to the attractive international Private Equity market to the Spanish investors. In 2019, we took another step forward with the incorporation of Embarcadero Capital SGEIC, S.A., as management company of closed-end investment entities to offer, together with some of the best managers in the world, funds under the Spanish regulation.


Among our projects, it is worth mentioning the collaboration with tier one international alternative investment fund managers in the placement of their funds, not only of Private Equity funds but also Private Infrastructure, Private Debt or Real Estate funds. Likewise, we have also acted as intermediaries in the sale of Private Equity assets, and in restructuring the investor base of two Spanish management companies, for an aggregated amount of more than EUR 400 million.


Embarcadero incorporates a management company of closed-end investment entities

At the beginning of 2019, CNMV approved the incorporation of Embarcadero Capital SGEIC, S.A. with the objective of offering funds under Spanish regulation among institutional investors. The first project as management company is the launch of Embarcadero Pantheon Co-Inversión Global FCR, whose investment manager is Pantheon Ventures, one of the largest Private Equity platforms worldwide.

Embarcadero helps Formentor Capital in the restructuring of Atlas Capital fund

September 2018. Swiss and Canadian investors support Formentor Capital in order to acquire the assets of Atlas Capital fund, and provide resources to make new investments. Embarcadero helps Formentor in the replacement of the LP base.

Embarcadero helps ARDIAN in the acquisition of a portfolio of Private Equity funds

December 2017. Altamar sells to ARDIAN a percentage of ABG fund, worth EUR 170m (including outstanding commitments).