Mount plugin Cli Https:// cli – install – h 5.0.0 //caution: substitute 1064334934918 together with your google game application identification Https:// cordova-plugin-sport/blob/master/doc/intelxdk.config.additions.xml Https: – Build project – [ undertaking that is certain ] – Establishing – Jacks – Custom – Git Url: https:// cordova-plugin-game.git – INSTALL – Save //caution: substitute 1064334934918 with your google play game application identification – Generate project – [unique undertaking] – Establishing – Jacks – Mounted – Git Url – ADD PARAMETER – Name: APP ID Value: 1064334934918 – Save Phonegap develop company (config.xml) Https: / – Apps – [ project that is unique ] – Update rule – zipfile including config.xml Construct2 Obtain plugin: spend -26e8-4a04-b826-6680db13a8c8 Currently all the jacks that are native are fitted automatically: Host setting android (Google Play Game) Should you migrate android software in one assemble technique to some other build program (e.g from xdk to cocoon), link Android phase


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